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sweetestcharade's Journal

aNgSt, LoVe & LiFe
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Poems... and such

This community was created mainly so that I could have a place to post my writing. But other member's are welcome and everyone is welcome to post their own! I do not have certain ways of poetry that I consider as right or wrong so there will be no forms enforced. Or criticism other than positive, unless it is asked for. To me, poetry is just a way to express emotion.

There will only be a few rules for this community- all relating back to one thing, RESPECT! Don't steal peoples words and claim them as your own! And be smart because some people, like me, COPYRIGHT their stuff so it could not only be wrong, but illegal. Poetry is emotion, do not try to copy someone's emotion. Secondly, do not criticize. Maybe you don't like the form, maybe you think it's stupid, well maybe someone else somewhere will be touched by it! Everyone is their own self so let them be and let them express themselves how they choose to. And something else, don't assume things from what they write if you know them. They could be posting about an old event or maybe it's symbolic (I like to write things that sound like something totally different than the words say sometimes, and I know my mom thought a poem about a papercut was a suicide threat once...) so you never know. You're not really supposed to know either. A poem should not be just words, it should be an emotion, and it will be different for different people, so let it be your own thing. That's All!