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i still dont even know you


Rain Waiting
The days we were together,
It rained,
The days we were apart,
It rained,
The rain I wished for,
The rain I wanted,
The rain that took you away,
And now it's raining,
And I'm still waiting,
Still waiting for you to come back and stay.

Why I am thinking about you I dont know,
Why I can feel your touch I'm not sure,
Why I still hear your voice I haven't an idea,
You were that one who was true,
You were that one who loved me,
You were that one who didn't cheat,
You were that one who held security,
There was nothing wrong,
There was so much right,
Then there was that night,
When your love was taken away,
Not by another, but by a circumstance,
But you were that one who I held dear,
You were that one who chased away my fear,
Now I am thinking of you,
But you're nowhere near,
So what happened to you,
And where did you go,
Where are you now,
Will it be so,
That you are gone forver,
Or maybe a day,
But in my heart,
The memories stay.

They don't know, they dont see,
How much he meant to me,
About the time of a year has passed by,
Since he said goodbye,
And he's still in my heart,
Isn't that proof enough,
Noone else mattered so much,
They think it's frivolous,
That it's just another infatuation, But it's not,
They laugh to think, He actually loved me,
But if they'd listen, then they'd see,
He did and I do,
Maybe it was all cut short, But it was on the way,
It was almost to the stage,
Where it would blossom and bloom,
Like the orange tree in June,
That was out in my yard,
The day that was hard,
When he said goodbye,
Now by it I sit and cry.

As Friends Can Be
Thank God for you,
My true and loving friend,
Thank God you're there,
Walking through the end,
Helping me stay strong,
Listening to my pain,
Talking all night long,
Thank God you're you... OOPS!!! I cut if off in my book haha... so don't have the rest of this one until I finally find that huge blue binder with all my writing in it that disappeared!!

Glistening Medallion
It was a fight to be finished,
I couldn't have won,
until I fought to my death,
but somehow I won,
I beat the other half,
an angel came down,
he swept me off my feet,
he warmed me in his wings,
I won the battle,
and the prize was beautiful,
it was a glistening medallion,
hung right on my heart,
glistening medallion,
say we'll never part,
Well in time my angel flew,
I watched him soar out of my life,
never did I think,
he'd actually be gone,
but yet I still remember,
my long, hard battle,
and the prize I got,
my glistening medallion,
will never be forgot.
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