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I'll bear that cross with honor


Come Back
I still am not sure,
What I did,
To push you away,
I still am not sure,
Why I didn't,
Ask you to stay,
You're what I want,
And what I need,
Now all I'm asking,
Is to come back to me.

Forever Waiting
I've decided what to do,
I'll always be waiting for you,
But until then,
If then ever comes,
I'll go on,
Live my life,
With the others,
But here in my heart,
I'll be forever waiting.

In All Reality
When he says my name,
It's so sweet,
And when he talks that way,
I know what he means,
When he smiles,
My heart melts,
He wants me,
And I want him,
Still anticipating,
For our first kiss,
While this is so sweet,
My heart it lies,
In all reality,
It's you I miss.

Will It?
Our first kiss,
Will it take me back to him,
Or will it set me free,
Will memories start flooding back,
Or will they lose their hold,
either way,
It's all a part of moving on.

I'm getting over you,
I'm tryin real hard too,
You're barely on my mind,
Only if I forget to leave you behind,
I only think of you,
When I think of someone new,
I only get this cold,
When I'm out with someone old,
You may not be totally gone,
But I'm tryin,
I'm movin on.
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