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they just blow hearts that ever break they just wont mend without breaking again

Old stuff...

this is one of my favoritist!!
I look through the little glass,
and it's me I see,
a thousand times me,
staring straight back,
my eyes they blink,
and my mind it thinks, I think,
Maybe, Where's you,
Sometimes I try to find you in my eyes,
When you're not there,
I turn to the sky,
You're not there,
but your voice flies by,
so I look down at the water,
I see you smile in a wave,
When I reached out to touch you,
I fell in a watery grave,
So i gasped up for air,
And you still weren't there,
I swam ashore,
Thought maybe I'd feel different,
but it's just like before,
So as I stand there,
I look for you in the breeze,
but you're not there,
it's just your voice in the trees,
then I run and I run,
and you'er still not there,
What I did find-
You're everywhere.

Sometimes I'll scream,
real loud your name,
but everything just stays the same,
not movement,
I hear the silent words,
I never said,
You never heard,
One day,
Maybe sometime soon,
I'll see you,
You'll see me,
things wont be the same,
but we'll be together,
for more than just a dream.

The rain will wash you back to me,
The rain will bring you to my door,
In the rain I'll see you,
Forever more.

Are you right around the corner,
Or a thousand miles away,
Up floating by the river,
Or resting by the lake,
Maybe you're out dancing,
Or laying in your bed,
the one place I know you'll always be,
is smiling in my head.

Don't let it be a year
Since you walked away from here
Don't let it be a year
Don't let it be a year.
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