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i know your head is turning


Beauty Of The Storm
Silver linings
on dream driven clouds
metallic drops
in the thirsty rain
electric yellow
of the lightning strike
the beauty of the storm.

When things get sad,
and when they are looking down,
the storm clouds rage,
with furious might,
hold your breath,
count to three,
and walk through the rain,
when you're sad,
when you're mad,
when you're happy with glee,
you never know how much,
the rain sets you free.

This Free
Here I am
lonely again
want to be free
but there's no fun
in this free.

The New One
The new one,
who I can't stop thinking about,
the new one,
for whom I've got this innocent
crush on,
the new one,
who I can't stop thinking about,
the new one,
does he notice me.

July 4, 2001
Sometimes I'm scared,
I don't wanna wake up and see,
everything I know is slippin away from me,
there's nothing left to hold on to.
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