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she's showin me how much I had to lose

Still posting old stuff..

Mercy said it all,
you hurt me so much,
you had my all in all,
you used my heart,
to play your silly game,
and all the while,
I loved you anyways,
every night I'd cry,
and beg Mercy to the Lord,
that you'd stay with me,
and love me once more,
because Mercy I thought,
would bring you to me,
but now Mercy has happened,
and it set me free.

Thief of love,
you were to me,
you took my heart,
and made it bleed,
hurt and pain,
was all on me,
you left me down,
and cold, and all alone,
my love was stole,
by the thief of love.

Sometimes i just feel,
like the ones I call my friends,
are the ones forgetting me,
at times they seem like they care so much,
and then there are times like these,
where I slip and slide out of their need,
I've never really had people who cared,
I thought now I did,
but I guess I was wrong.

Why can't life stay the sam,
as a small child I faced many problems,
many things that little ones shouldn't know,
all I did was to rely on my mom,
to tell me it would get better,
that it would tunr around,
so I lived happily,
as happy as a melancholy child could,
but now with a good life,
every little thing hurts,
I guess I just never had anything to
hang on to,
and now I do,
so I look back at that little girl,
who was so courageous,
and so strong,
and wish I were more like her.

I am free of the hurt,
I am free of the pain,
my sorrow is lost,
it drowned in the rain,
free from him,
I am free to live,
free from them,
I am free to give,
all my heart,
and all my soul,
to that one person,
who I have ignored,
I am now free,
free to love me.
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