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my head so far above the clouds i didn't see

on with the oldness...

Life Happens
Life happens,
when you aren't looking,
when you're caught up in your sad
or happiness,
the things you say,
and places you go,
that's life,
your friends and your lovers,
your enemies and foe,
they're all part of you,
the good and the bad,
the health and the sickness,
every breath you take,
and every move you make,
it's your life,
so live it well.

When I can't go on,
I can't go back,
I can't go forward,
this pain is the worst it's ever been,
you asid you loved me,
well now you proved yourself wrong once
left me with questions,
that will never be answered,
I am starving for truth,
I told myself it was over,
that you wouldn't rule me anymore,
but as hard as I try,
my heart wont listen,
I don't want to want you,
or lvoe you,
or need you,
but I can't stop myself,
it feels like my heart,
and soul,
have been ripped into a thousand pieces,
that are scattered on our memories,
and the only way to piece them together
would be for you to come back,
and unbreak my heart,
I'm trying so hard to pretend that I'm
That I don't still live each day for you,
so when am I gonna believe it,
it's impossible to tear down a brick wall
with a feather,
just like it's impossible to be with you
with my love,
how could I give so much to,
and love so much,
a person who could care less about me,
For once in all the time we were together,
I believed you loved me,
but you proved that wrong,
the song knows it,
my heart knows it,
but you ignore it,
does it feel good for you,
when you hurt me over and over,
does your joy come from my pain,
it kills me inside,
to know that all along,
you loved her and not me,
to know that it was all just a game,
and that I meant nothing to you,
you said no matter what,
you were always gonna be with me,
when the wind blows,
when the rain falls,
when the stars are out,
or under the moonlight,
that you would love me,
like the beat of my heart,
on and on forever,
now you take my beat away,
so are you trying to kill me,
this feeling I can't stop,
or make it go away,
I want and need you more than ever,
but your love,
you took away.

I tried to hate you, but I can't,
I tried to get over you, but I wont,
It hurts so much,
I can't take anymore,
I'm scared,
I miss you so much,
Can't stand to think of the way I lost you,
I feel like I'm dieing,
and it hurts so much.

We look back
and all we see
is the bad
and the hurt
we went through
and caused
but still
I wouldn't trade it
in or away
because the pain
only turns into
experience and knowledge,
I could not live without.

It's so weird,
how I said goodbye,
I thought I would crym
I thought I would die,
but I'm still alive.
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