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yes you left me like a child in the rain

continuing on with the old stuff...

I'm not giving in~ I'm not going back~ I'm just saying that the love we had~ was so strong and true~ you left me and hurt me~ and put me on hold~ I went away and left you~ feeling lonely and cold~ but I am looking past that~ to the love that we had~ you got me through tough times~ all my dreams came true~ and I owe it to you~ you were there for me~ and I never shall forget~ everywhere I go~ the memories are behind~ everywhere I am~ there you are~ so now I'm trying to pay you back~ for all that you have given me~ by being a friend~ as true as I can be~ I'll be there for you~ through night and through day~ I'll help you chase the dark clouds away~ I'll catch you when you fall~ and wherever you are~ I'll be there.

The rose,
Is all closed up,
but when the time is right,
it buds,
its petals opne wide,
to show everything inside,
the roses's beauty is seen by all,
then one day,
the rose dies,
it withers away,
so that's what happens to...
it hides inside,
and when the time is right,
it shines,
its secrets are revealed,
to promise eternity,
the happiness is seen by two,
then one day,
the love dies...

We've worked so hard, come so far,
I keep tuning them out, but what
they're saying makes sense,
or maybe it doesn't, they don't
know, there's more than meets
the eye, and even more that the
mind knows, what the heart
feels, is the only thing for sure,
so now that I'm confused,
scared, and heartbroken, now
are you going to walk out on me,
or are you gonna work harder,
and help me help you, make it out
alive and strong, and in love?

I can't believe I'm ending the one
thing in my life that has even
been close to perfect, the one
love I've ever known, even
though it was all lies, it sounded
so perfect, and I kept telling
myself maybe it's true, I think I
liked the loving blind, better
than loving without.

I can't believe,
I thought I would die without him,
but I'm still alive,
and it doesn't hurt,
when life kicks you in the butt,
you just gotta get back up,
and keep on rollin,
never let something crush you,
hard times come,
and they will hurt,
but so sometimes you fly the highest,
when you have a broken wing,
on the mend.
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