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so I'll make this short and sweet

old stuff....

I Try
I try
as hard as I can
To be
what you need
You say
that I'm everything
that you need
that you want
I try
to tell myself
I try
to make
the doubts go away
but they keep coming
I try
with all my heart
to believe
I try
to know
that you're being honest
when you say
that you love me
I try
but it doesn't work.

You've given me so much,
so much that I've needed,
You were my friend,
and now we're more,
more than I could have dreamed of,
I love you and you love me,
that's no mystery,
now it's time,
to pay you back,
for all the love you've given me,
no posession is dear enough,
no money can ever buy,
andthing good enough,
but these lines will last forever,
and so will you,
deeo in my heart, it's always true,
no day will come,
when I'll say goodbye,
those words don't exist,
because I'll love you forever,
forever we'll be,
no doubt about that,
because the end my dear,
is nowhere in sight.

I hope she knows she's the luckiest girl in the world,
she's got him,
he may not be perfect,
but he's perfect to me,
and she can hold him,
touch him, see him,
some times may be crazy,
and some times may be sweet,
but she'll have him to defeat them all,
his love can't compare to anyone else's,
and since she has him,
she's the luckiest girl in the world.
Maybe if I close my eyes,
and get lost in that moment,
when you held me last,
and told me you loved me,
Maybe if I pretend you don't love her,
that you still love me,
Maybe my dreams will become reality.

I'm all that's left of 2 people so in love,
2 hearts that came together,
during a miracle,
that saw it's way through the dark,
that faced so many obstacles,
and overcame so much,
a love so strong,
but that withered away,
it got so caught up,
in trying to be right,
that it went wrong,
I'm the only thing there,
that meant anything still,
I was given to her,
and she couldn't let me go,
now even the love is gone,
and the flame has died,
the memories live forever in me,
time may do it's job,
but love forever shall be held,
inside a small rose petal.
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