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with me baby its alright

more old stuff...

A rose he drew by my name,
My initials he wrote on his binder,
the way he held me in his arms,
the days we fell apart,
the look he carried in his eyes,
the nights I missed him so,
the pawn I used to get him back,
the pawn who used me,
The pawn I went and thought I loved,
the pawn that broke my heart,
the way he stood up for me,
the rose given by the pawn,
the rose he drew by my name.

Ut's easy breaking it off,
It's easy to push then awat,
It's easy doing everything you can,
To show them you're gone,
It's easy to believe it yourself,
It's easy to realize it a year later,
It's easy to stay up each night,
Just thinking about them,
It's easy to smile aboue it,
But it's hard sitting and wondering,
Waiting for the day you can say the words,
and if they'll even matter.

For this I write
to not be known
to not be gloried
to no be unjoyed
For what I write
I make emotion
For what they write
They want commotion
The words don't mean
WHat they should
They're just there
To draw attention
To bring fame
But these words
They are here to mean
It's not the same
For this I write
To not be known
This I write
To be felt.

And the lights they dimmed,
but they're still on,
and in a few seconds,
the lights will grow,
then fade again,
only until you unplug it,
so why you let it stay,
I really don't know,
you say the light has dimmed,
but you know it's still plugged in.

They all seem to have their opinions,
They try to tell me what's right,
half the time they do have some truth,
but the other they dont,
but they just dont seem to understand,
they have never been in love,
like I am,
I cant just say no,
and ignore what I want to hear,
he may be hurting me,
but I love him,
they just cant seem to understand.
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