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we said when we turned gray

Still posting my old stuff... only now it's more recent old stuff... past couple of years...

For the rest of our lives,
we'll be sayin,
"Star light,
Star bright,
where the heck,
Is Mr.Right?"
but screw him,
wherever he may be,
cuz you and me,
are best friends as can be,
so whenever you're down,
and when you're flyin high,
I'll share the joy,
Share the pain,
You be there for me,
and I'll be there for you too,
millions of miles,
or right down the street,
if ever you need me,
just give me a call,
and I will come running,
because you're my best friend,
I'll forever be by your side.

Die A Little
Every time I see you,
and we just walk away,
I die a little,
Every time I feel you so close,
then it slips from me,
I die a little,
Every time I smell you,
Till the scent lingers no more,
I die a little,
Every time I taste your name,
until my lips melt in two,
I die a little,
Every time i hear you,
Listening to your voice fade,
I die a little,
Just to be closer,
would birth me back to life,
but since that aint happening,
I'll die a little tonight.

Sometimes you make me so mad,
that tension rises in my neck,
up to my skull,
my head doesn't hurt,
it feels like it will explode,
the bones tighten,
like they're gonna break,
Then my brain corrodes,
and I can't think straight,
the weight its so heavy,
it just keeps getting stronger,
just scared to have the day,
the weight will tip me over.

Quiet and serene,
Clouds of beautiful color,
Soft winds make all stop.

True to myself
That's what I am
That's what I was
So why did I think
That he was different
How could I ever imagine
That out of all people
He would want me
I guess maybe
For a minute it was true
But that was last week
This week's new.
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