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yeah i like it that way

and on with the old stuff...

Now that I notice,
that it's always here,
I wonder,
What did I get myself into,
by falling for someone who will
never stay,
after all this time,
these feelings should be gone,
but I still love him,
and it terrifies me very much,
that now I know,
it will never end.

Hate It
I hate it,
I can't stand it,
I don't know what to do anymore,
don't know what to believe,
don't know who I can trust,
it feels like everytime I turn around,
there's another thief in my face,
who just stabbed me in my back,
I feel like I'm going insane,
it's too much all alone,
and it's wearing me out,
I just hate it.

Not Ready
I'm not ready for another broken heart,
I'm not up to living on,
I'm not ready to survive,
I don't wanna cry,
but I can't let go.

I gotta know
Are you gonna be mine or not, I
really need to know, you keep
pushing and shoving, it's tearing
me apart, one minute you say
you love me, the next you'er
laughing at me behind my back,
and I gotta know how you feel,
cuz I can't move forward, or
move out, until I know where
we stand.

When you fall I will be therem
beside you anywhere,
when you cry,
I will be the shoulder waiting by,
I'll be the one talking to you,
when your dreams fall through,
and the one to stay,
to chase the dark clouds away,
I'll always care,
I'll always be there,
I'll always be your friend.
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