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if you wanna see heaven brother here's your chance

some more old stuff...

You can shine like the sunlight,
You can brighten up the room,
You can pick me up when I'm down,
and for this, I'll always care,
I will be there for you,
through sickness and through health,
I will try my best,
to help you see your way through
the dark,
I'll be there for you,
and you for me,
don't let them change your mind,
hard times will come,
to where you can't go on,
but I'll put my hand out,
to guide you through the storm,
and when you're flying high,
I'll be right there on the ground,
to watch and see,
to catch you if you fall,
and if my hope is lost,
I'll remember you are there,
because you're one in a million,
and you are my best friend.

I love you so much, need
to hear your voice, can't reach
ya, cuz you're not home, you
say you're in love, I know I
am, but are you with her now,
she's not home, you're not
home, you wanted me to go
with you, but I couldn't, so
did you substitute, her with
me, I love you too much to let
you go, but I can't be second
in line, my whole life I've
been in second place, but with
you, I better be first, or I'm
out of here, cuz I can't live
wondering, if I'll ever cross
that line, and not be the one,
you dream about, because I
can't live in second place.

I'm giving my heart and soul
to you,
I promised myself,
that I'd try not to fall again,
then through all the heartache
and pain,
we're together,
they try to break us,
but we got past them,
and the one's who tried,
to take you away from me,
we got rid of them,
so now I tell you,
just how much I love you,
can't live without you,
you are my everything,
so baby,
don't break my heart.

I'm not giving up,
not giving in,
I will not let the wrong side win,
I've come too far to turn around,
was flyin high,
now it's all crashin down,
I will be strong,
I wont go on,
until the awkwardness is gone,
I can do it,
it will work,
The finishing line's ahead,
The storm clouds will go away,
leaving love and honesty to stay.

Does this mean it's over,
You say you don't trust yourself,
Is it all going to end,
Just because I can't be there,
Do you have to make this choice,
Do we have to go,
Do I have to cry,
Do I have to hurt,
Do you have to leave?
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